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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Continuous Improvement Opportunities – OEE

What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)? OEE assigns a numerical value to the improvement opportunity. It factors in the availability, performance and quality of output of a given piece of equipment or product and directs you to focus on the appropriate area.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness answers the question”how much good first-time product did this machine produce compared to what it should have produced in the allocated time“? In other words, is a piece of equipment effective within its value stream? Does it let you meet present or future customer demand? If not, OEE helps you analyze the reasons why so you can address them systematically.

Jomi Technical Services is an technical services company that specializes in Overall Equipment Effectiveness and manufacturing effectiveness improvements.

Our technical services will help you breakdown and focus on these improvement areas. Experienced technical and manufacturing and experts develop a plan for OEE improvements by focusing on cycle time, downtime, labour and waste, utilizing technical and manufacturing techniques to enhance and improve the current situation, and increase profit to the organization.

overall equipment effectiveness and process automation

Our Services

We offer various other technical services to support the Continuous Improvement focus.  
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– Project Management
– Mechanical Services
– Quality Technical and Manufacturing Services 
– Lean Manufacturing experts (value stream mapping)
– Fanuc and ABB robot programming
– CMM services
– Machining and fabricating support
– Maintenance support
– SR&ED submission(s)
– Government Grant opportunities
– IMDS submissions