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OEE and Automation

OEE and Automation combine to improve output. Learn more about how Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE can help a company improve output and reduce costs.  Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) has been around for nearly 50 years.  It is now gaining in popularity due to improvements in automation software. Read more on how Pepsi Bottling Venture used Overall Equipment Effectiveness to improve their output and reduce costs. http://www.automationworld.com/oee/combining-oee-and-automation-improved-performance

How OEE Works

For more information we recommend reading: http://www.industryweek.com/lean-six-sigma/design-out-waste-and-build-lean The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation rolls the top 6 key manufacturing operating indices into one number that represents the effective operating rate for a piece of equipment or synchronized line. The percent of time the equipment or line is operating effectively, or its valuable operating time. That translates to the percentage of product produced compared to what could have been produced in the scheduled time. The 6 Big Losses Availability (downtime) 1. Equipment failure (breakdowns) 2. Setup and Adjustment Performance (speed) 3. Idling and minor stoppages 4. Reduced speed of operation quality (defects) 5. Process defects (scrap, repairs) utilizing RED X problem solving techniques 6. Reduced yield (from startup to stable production)