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Manufacturing Training Programs

The goal of Manufacturing Training Programs is to make real-time problem solving decisions rooted in a culture of employee engagement. By modifying your process for collecting and reacting to data you can save valuable time and money.  Regardless of the data mining system you use, we customize the people behaviours training required to make an impact on Continuous Improvement.

Does data make a real time impact in your organization at current? What would happen if it did?

Engagement – Efficiency – Sustainability

Our Approach

  • Experts in manufacturing optimization
  • Customized program design by professionals in Adult Education
  • Change Management principles applied at every step
  • 3-step process to ensure adoption
  • Modified specifically for your organization
  • Case based learning that encourages teamwork
  • Recommendations for continued success
  • Coaching manuals to guide your leaders using innovative tools

The Outcomes

  • Maximize the benefits of your existing data processes
  • Save time by reacting quickly to issues
  • Measure the impact of improvement strategies
  • Invest in your people to create a culture of engagement

Government Supported Grants

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Program Descriptions

Change Management Program
The ideal starting place for any transition in an organization is a change management map. To optimize an investment of any kind (time, money, resources, effort), the principles of change management must be followed. Through this program we will help your leaders build the plan for managing change and educate leaders and stakeholders on the principles of change management and how to execute on them. Depending on the organization, the desire for a project management role to oversee the change management process and support the transition may be requested.

Data Enhancement Behaviours Program
The ultimate goal of the DEB program is implement the concept of real-time problem solving decisions using data enhancement behaviours. This program is designed as tiered modules for each level of the organization to ensure that there is clear understanding and coaching capabilities for proper adoption of the data enhancement behaviours ultimately creating an impact on Continuous Improvement. The focus is on establishing how real time decision-making can be executed, how to build clear expectations for follow-through on behaviours and how to establish and maintain a culture of engagement.

Problem Solving In Real Time Program
This program serves as a follow-up on skills and behaviours learned through the DEB Program. The focus is on sharpening the participants’ ability to react to issues put in front of them and to identify the root cause to resolve. By harnessing the culture shift created through the DEB Program, this complimentary series of workshops works through more organizational specific case studies to resolve issues that have emerged since.

Leadership Development Program
Workshops that fall under our Leadership Development Program are tailored to meet the needs of your organization to bring them to the next level through strategic management. A few topics that can be explored through interactive workshop series that strengthen the leadership skills of your organization are:

  • Coaching Culture: a series of workshops that help your leaders to become better coaches within the organization to create a culture of empowerment, engagement and continuous improvement for people development
  • Skills Workshops: a series of workshops that are designed to meet identified skill gaps within your leadership team like; conflict resolution, presentations skills, personality theory, employee motivation, strategic planning, succession planning etc.
  • Individual Coaching: our experts will work one on one with key leaders in your organization to define their personal development goals, build a plan to improvement, and coach them along the way
  • Industry Specific Training: our network of experts can be accessed to get you the type of training you need for safety, mechanical operation and policy implementation